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Virtual Pre-Visit Planning (PVP)

Enhancing Quality Outcomes, Access and Coordination of Care through Virtual Pre-Visit Planning (PVP)

PPCS is the leading nursing based cutting edge business providing Virtual Pre-Visit Planning (PVP) services to primary care practices across the country.

Primary Care partners that engage in Virtual PVP services with Progressive Primary Care Solutions are guaranteed to outperform their past productivity, quality and care coordination efforts and competitors. 

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Through our virtual PVP services, we have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Increase access by 24%

  • Increase clinic revenue

  • Improve patient, clinician and staff satisfaction

  • Decrease Cancellation rates by 80%

We connect our remote Registered Nurses (RN's) with your patients to provide virtual PVP

Bringing quality and caring back to healthcare

Services offered to assist you in population health management: 

  • Daily huddle preparation

  • Medication and Chart reconciliation

  • Health Maintenance gaps in care

  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)

  • Annual Wellness Visits 

  • Initial Preventative Physical Exams (IPPE)

Review our Pilot data from our 2018 Innovation Funds Program sponsored by the Alliance for Better Health.  Data supports Medicaid attributed lives under our Innovation Funds Lead Partner. 

Read more on PVP: 

Enhancing patient visits through pre-visit planning 

"Pre-visit planning is driving value for both our patients and their physicians. It allows us to provide better care and preventive services and makes office visit more productive and effective."

10 steps to pre-visit planning that can produce big savings

"Inbox work, calls, letters and other communications and administrative tasks can be expensive for your practice. Learn how to save time and money by instituting pre-visit planning."

A162: Pre‐visit Planning and Quality Improvement in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

"Pre visit planning (PVP) is a tool used in the management of chronic illnesses.  "

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