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About Us




Our mission is to provide innovative Registered Nurse led health solutions to a broad audience as a means of improving the overall health of the nation. 


Progressive Primary Care Solutions' vision is multi-faceted and incorporates our fundamental values.

  • To inspire health care delivery innovation and collaboration.

  • To improve the health of Communities, Patients and Ambulatory Clinic teams alike.

  • To cause no unnecessary harm, duplication of work, or waste. 

  • To create opportunity for nurses across the nation. 

  • To inspire and support nurse  autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit. 


Our commitment to our clients, patients and the communities we serve is led by our passion for our people, our work, and our desire to provide quality, equality, excellence, respect, dignity, privacy, accuracy and timeliness in all we do. 

Progressive Primary Care Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing and treating our employees and independent contractors with integrity, respect, autonomy, equality, support, flexibility, financial stability, training and learning opportunities. Our goal is to improve and support the overall well-being of those we work with and for. 

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